Friday, February 4, 2011

Steams latest super offer!

OMG GUYS have you seen the latest steam special offer!?!?!

You can buy these awesome Team Fortress 2 weapons for only
49,99 €!!!!!
Sooo cheap you can't believe it!

Blast people away in flames with an epic mace or why not chop people with a volcano axe!!
Sooooo badass weapons! O.o

Oh and i almost forgot, you get some little game too...

Seriously Valve... this is starting to get stupid.
Sure the axe and mace are quite cool but it's not worth f*cking 50 €!
And the game looks like just another shitty MMORPG with nothing special.

As if my trust to Valve were not lowered enough by the crates but this promotional thing is starting to get ridiculous. I may accept when it's games that have similar fan base target as Team Fortress 2, but this?!?
How much of the sale income did you get for the promotion this time?

Please anyone, don't buy this game because of some items no one cares about anyway.


  1. Let alone that you can get the items FOR FREE after the 1st of March/pre-order period of Rift.

    They are going to be craftable by then.

  2. The only thing you get by pre-ordering, is that the items are of "genuine" quality and you get them before anyone else.

    In other words, completely unnecessary promotional.

  3. Indeed - You save maybe a bit of metal by buying the game, that's all.

    If you care about "genuine" quality, then sure, you'll have to fork over 50 euro, but that's that.

  4. TF2 is dead. I used to be so excited about new weapons and hats in the past. Now it's just lame.

  5. These promotions are happening too often now, the "economy" of the game is almost a bigger focus than actually playing the game and having fun.

    Also what's the deal with all the melee weapons all the time? i like melee but come on, there's more melee weapons than anything else in the game.

  6. I was actually tempted to get the game, yeah I know, until I saw this on the website...

    "The Sharpened Volcano Fragment and the Sun-on-a-Stick will be obtainable through crafting after the Rift pre-order period ends."

    It will make some good use of my Refined Metal.

    Also, Valve should have spaced out there promotional items more better... I mean it was little over a week with the MNC items. Valve I am disappoint!

  7. tell this to Toenninga, hell be pissed, hell block you and than hell delete you from his friends! that idiots bought thatg ame jsut because of tf2 items on the day Valve released this new offer! srsly wtf????

  8. I've heard reviews that this was everything WoW should've been, but even so, their latest one was barely a WEEK ago. Tell you what, call me when everyone stops playing TF2 and some other company gets the rights for TF3 and does it RIGHT.

  9. Whats next?? Vote for Obama get a special TF2 ingame shoes?

  10. You will be able to craft those itens after the pre-ordering thing.Only shitty collectors will buy the game for items,and only angry fat nerds are complaining about them.

  11. I just saw... One THOUSAND dollars for the railworks dlcs without the sale!? I thought the Sims were bad, but this, this is just nuts.

    Oh, and the weapons thing is kinda dumb too.

  12. Also, they have some gameplay-changing stats.

    Talk about getting out of hand with these.

  13. Don't go psycho man. Don't go psycho ANYONE!

    The Rift and Monday Night Combat items aren't to make Valve money. It's to raise awareness for these games. Sure, [citation needed] on Rift, but if you actually read the TF2 blog you will see that that is the reason, and the only reason, they did a promotional item deal with Monday Night Combat.

    But with Rift, it's even more obvious, because the items aren't exclusive. Anyone who pre-orders the game (hopefully because they actually want the game) will get Genuine (essentially vintage) versions of these weapons, that lose their Genuine status if they're traded. When the game comes out, anyone will be able to craft these, too. This also settles any dispute on people having to pay for exclusive items with gameplay-changing stats.

    In short, it's not a money-making scam from Valve. It's simply using a large, popular game to raise awareness, or "advertise" for less well-known games. Besides, would you rather pay for maps like with Call of Duty? You get free updates for years and you start complaining like a child when Valve introduces ENTIRELY OPTIONAL microtransactions. Take a chill pill.

  14. Gabe newell's trollface is stronger than ever!