Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dota 2 Beta Key Giveaway!

In a few weeks there's Dreamhack Winter 2012, and i'm so hyped. I'm also finally moving to my very own apartment!

In the good mood of this i found that i had a spare Dota 2 Beta key that is basically just laying around.
I'm not a big fan of Dota 2 but that's a better reason that i'd give this away to someone who would enjoy having it, if there's anyone in the world left that does not have it :P

How to i enter?
Well, under this post there's a link saying "comments"...
Write a little greetings and end it with your Steam username and a link to your profile.
I do not count Anonymous comments, login with something (preferably your google/youtube acc) when you write your comment.

When will this giveaway end?
I'll end it next week on Tuesday the 13th of November at 23:59 (GMT +0). Any post after that will not count.

But i already have Dota 2!
Then write a comment saying you want to give it to a friend of yours and specify his/her Steam username and link to his/her profile!
Also include if you want me to send a little message from you.

Hopefully someone will enter this, i kinda think there will only be a few.

Good luck!
And is this turns out good i might do more giveaways :)


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

FINALLY i updated my avatar!

Since i started my channel for 3 years ago i've ad the same logo. Now with the release of Source Filmmaker and a possible new step for my channel i decided to update my logo. Unfortunately i could not make that same smile in SFM without making Heavy look like a maniac so i made him a cool smile instead :)

What i was on it i also finally made a specific logo for my Steam Group :)

The mark of a possible new era not only for me but for the whole Valve game movie making community!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Thanks for the game mate!

This game looks awesome! Can't wait to play it, and let's play some co-op mate! :)

Thanks ARMaster!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

There can be only One! (SFM) - New Video

Well... now it's my turn to sh*t out a lot of these SFM tests :P
At first i'm not going to put a lot of effort into there just to get to know the software, then we'll see what happens. But i'll upload there for some minor enjoyment :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

MEAT the Pyro (Parody) - New Video

After watching Meet the Pyro for the 5th time (cause i think it was great) i just came up with this idea and decided to do it directly :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Statistics Quiz

So i looked through my Youtube channel and video statistics on day. For me quite interesting information and it answered a few questions.

Just for fun i'm making a little quiz...
First you get a question regarding something about my channel. Come up with an answer in your head and then click the button to see if you got it right. Comment your results!

Please note that i'm only counting real videos, not announcements, Q&A or other random stuff!

Also sorry for the f*cked up HTML code, it's a copy paste which i lost control over :P

Question 1:
Which video is the most viewed?
Spoiler HTML code

Question 2:
Which video has been favorited the most?
Spoiler HTML code

Question 3:
Which video has been commented the most in comparison to views?
Spoiler HTML code

Question 4:
Which video has been shared the most?
Spoiler HTML code

Question 5:
Which video has the highest percentage of female viewers?
Spoiler HTML code

Question 6:
Which video has the highest percentage of male viewers?
Spoiler HTML code

The Countries counted in the these next questions:
Spoiler HTML code

Question 7:
Which country has the LEAST "unsubscribed" percentage compared to the subscribed?
(In other words, which country has the highest percentage of people that stay subscribed)
(Only counting the top 20 countries that is subscribed to my channel)
Spoiler HTML code

Question 8:
Which country has the MOST "unsubscribed" percentage compared to the subscribed?
(In other words, which country has the highest percentage of people that unsubscribed)
(Only counting the top 20 countries that is subscribed to my channel)
Spoiler HTML code

Unsub Percentage complete list:
Spoiler HTML code

Question 9:
Which country has "liked" my videos the most in comparison to dislikes?
Spoiler HTML code

Question 10:
Which country has "disliked" my videos the most in comparison to likes?
Spoiler HTML code

And that's about it! Comment your score and if you thought something was fun/weird/interesting Thanks :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Leauge of Legends - MisterMild as Darius (Live Commentary) - New Video

Trying to record Live Commentary with Fraps as a test. I know the mic is a bit low and that it's off sync sometimes, that's what i learned from this test :)

But before i delete my footage i thought i edit some together and put it up on MysticMild

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Looking for words of advise...

My friends! I stand in a crossroad and i want your opinion...

I've received an invitation to join The Game Station Youtube Network (link), a network of several very famous gaming Youtube channels like HuskyStarcraft, TotalBiscuit, Criken2 etc.

The plus side being that i will become a Youtube partner and i can actually earn a few bucks to my poor wallet of doing what i love though advertising (There will be spent on movie related products and upgrades for me to make better movies etc) and overall gaining more attention to my channel thought this network.

The downside being that i'm strictly forbidden from now on to use copyright protected music and effects. Which might effect the quality of my work since a lot focuses around sound editing.

I don't know what to choose! Which way should i take my channel?
I've come to the point where i have no idea what i really want. The only thing i'm sure is that i'm looking to make a comeback on Youtube.

Help me with words of advise my friends!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MisterMild at Dreamhack Summer 2012

The view from my place

Dreamhack (Wiki) is the worlds largest LAN Party located in Jönköping in Sweden.

Tons of computers, e-sports and stage activities is happening over 4 days (Or about 3 whole 24-hour days).

This year was awesome and the last day i uploaded a little greetings to my Youtube channel!
And i show my face to you guys for the first time.

If anyone is going to Dreamhack Winter -12 in November let me know!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

K.I.A (Team Fortress 2 Movie) - New Video

I lost my hard drive with some personal stuff, all my videos and my huge library of production music and sound effects. As a challenge i made this movie without any TF2 sound effects.

It's a very sad toned piece set to my favorite soundtrack of Mass Effect 3