Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Engineer Techno Behind The Scenes! Part 1 - The logo

Making the DJ Engineer logotype:
I know a few Photoshop tricks and now it was time to show it off!

I began with a good Engineer pose with Valves Model Viewer tool. This is a combination of the already existing cheering and pointing animation merged together with a happy Engy face. Green background (for easy extraction) and then Print Screen.

Then it was time to find a proper base image.
Went around on Google until i found this DJ Hero Screenshot.

Then took some time to insert the Engineer into this picture. It took some time but it ended up quite well.
I used layers, paint and the Clone tool to remove visible parts of the original DJ hero guy behind my inserted Engineer. Used the brushes to add some shining effects where it was needed, for example where the white shines behind him to the right. And good enough!

Then went to and got the DJ engineer text. Put it together with the TF2 logo.
And there we have it!

(If you look close on the TF2 logo you'll see and engineer face in the middle, that because that's the first skin idea for my vinyls in my Engineer Techno Music Video but i scratched that idea after i've seen it in Gmod and used it here instead)

Here you go, you can have these pictures and use them as you want:
Backgrounds, TF2 Sprays, blog posts etc.

Original Wide
Icon style

Spray Files:
Some have been asking for sprays for TF2, L4D etc.
So i saved you some work and did the files myself...

Download Here

Or use the one i'm using, one with a MisterMild logo and "Engineer Techno @ Youtube" text in the corners:
Download Here

Hope you enjoyed this Behind the Scene segment,
Please leave a comment, i'd appreciate that :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Random Screenshots Segment #1

Here's a segment for ya!
Part of my behind the scenes segments on my blog.

Think of it like this...
We Garry's Mod players intend to have quite a large screenshot folder, at least if you are like me and never delete any of them.

When i look at some of these screenshots i find
Pictures i used in a movie sometime, pictures i intend to use but never did, pictures of never finished projects, random "play around" pictures, pictures taken by mistake and pictures that should not see the light of day.

I will randomly select three screenshots (by closing my eyes or bash my head at the keyboard)
and those three that i pick, i MUST upload on this blog post! And possibly leave a short explanation.

(I'll rename the picture files just because the original just tells the map)

So here goes...

A picture you may recognize from my Nomtallica slideshow.

One of the first pictures i made on my bought Garry's Mod.
Playing around with what i knew from my time me and
my friends played on pirated editions.

The unedited version of an apocalypse picture for my
Cheeseburger Apocalypse Movie.

This was just something i did because i felt for it, count on more of these segments. I have a lot of screenshots with a small story.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why is there no hole... poster on this wall?

As some of you know, i'm studying at a "university" on Ă–land.
I have my own room where i live, though all walls are plain white and boring.

My mother who have this big printer at her workplace helped me with this issue and asked me to come out with three good pictures that kinda represent me.

He he.

Here's one of them...

Yes that's a picture of my wall.

Guess not, Team Fortress 2 has kinda taken my heart :P

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My cards, they are made of STEEL!

This movie was released not long ago about Telltales new game...

Now they have given out more information...

The game is called Poker Night at the Inventory.
Heavy Weapons Guy seem to take some time off from killing cowards to beat them in poker instead.

Telltale games have now partly announced this "pilot" game and will feature these characters like
Tycho from Penny Arcade
Strong Bad from Homestar Runners
Max from Sam & Max

and as you may see...
our beloved Heavy Weapons Guy from Team Fortress 2.

It looks like it's heading over this fall and is available for pre-purchase for about 5 dollars on Telltale store and Steam Store (with reservation for eventual price changes on both).

What do i think of this game then?

i have a feeling that the fact that Heavy Weapons Guy is in this game will give it a lot of attention.
I have a great hope that this game will be fully voiced and that maybe they will hire in Gary Schwartz to make the voice for Heavy again, mostly because it's new voice clips for me to work with in movie making ^^
I would pay money just for the voice clips godamnit!
*crossing fingers*

Otherwise i'm not a big poker fan and would not think that this would be a game for me if it's just poker with Heavy, that'll be just boring. But according to rumors it's not just regular poker, it's poker with a little extra.
I quote:
"You'll experience a new style of poker, particularly when hands don't go the way of the other fiery competitors at the table" -

So i may give this a chance... i mean just look at Heavy weapons guy in the screenshots from Steam Store:
- Put up hand!
Badass poker Heavy is badass!

Yes it's on Steam Store, so go check it out:

I have faith in this game, don't lose it now Telltale!

I'm off now trying to get some money to buy it on Steam, since i lost my account on Paypal before i will not use that again!