Monday, August 8, 2011

So there was a match with Robin Walker going on...

On Sunday there was the TF2 Free2Play Invitational (TF2 Post) Celeb Match where the Brink team who had won the tournament was invited to play a fun competitive match against
Robin WalkerTotalbiscuit, eXtine and the rest of the Celeb team.

I was ready to watch the stream when suddenly Ashkan (who is awesome) came to me personally and asked if i wanted to replace a missing Soldier in the Brink team. I was honored and surprised, I've never played competitive Soldier. The only 6v6 I've played is with Ashkan as a Scout very few times.

But that was it :)
I got to play in the game on the Brink team, who is some awesome guys lead by Admirable (Our Medic).
After i missed a chance to play with Robin Walker once i got another chance now, though with thousands of people watching :/

If you look at the kills...i did good until Robin ruined  it :P
Robin playing with his Valve Death Launcher :)

Got fish by Totalbiscuit!

Mr "Yaaooooo" makes a pose!

The vods are up if you'd like to watch me get my ass beaten by the celebs while trying to follow Admirable lead in the Brink team.

The vods are unedited ATM and they had a few problems before so that's why they talk so much.
Part 1 & Part 2

Some real pre-match talking and introduction of all the prayers (Inc. confusion about me :3) start around: 54:30
And the actual first round starts at: 59:50

Look out for the Stout Shako Soldier on BLU :) He's going to suck.