Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Minecraft 3D

I never knew what that 3D option thing was,
until i realized it activated Minecraft with 3D glasses!

I ran to my storage and dug out a pair of paper 3D glasses...

I activated 3D and ... i came because of the awesomeness!!! O.o

Also with the new shader to Minecraft it looks awesome!
(New shader not included in the picture, it's just something from google)

If you haven't tried it, DO IT FAGGOT!

Though i had a "mild" headache after the 3 hour game session but it was worth it.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Machinima in the making...

Believe it or not...
But here's actually a new Machinima in the making :)
Also it's a school project!

Of course all the work is not done here, but a part of it.
4 hours to put this up and soon a few actors will enter and do their part.

More i wont tell you, until it's time.
Have a nice day :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Old vs New

Yes i do miss the old times...sometimes...

But i did like new stuff with hats and such, sounded like a fun idea :D
But the "classy" flew away in the wind.
Maybe caused by a fart from the higher people at Valve, i dunno.

Soon, someone looking like the left picture will be unusual to see.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Steams latest super offer!

OMG GUYS have you seen the latest steam special offer!?!?!

You can buy these awesome Team Fortress 2 weapons for only
49,99 €!!!!!
Sooo cheap you can't believe it!

Blast people away in flames with an epic mace or why not chop people with a volcano axe!!
Sooooo badass weapons! O.o

Oh and i almost forgot, you get some little game too...

Seriously Valve... this is starting to get stupid.
Sure the axe and mace are quite cool but it's not worth f*cking 50 €!
And the game looks like just another shitty MMORPG with nothing special.

As if my trust to Valve were not lowered enough by the crates but this promotional thing is starting to get ridiculous. I may accept when it's games that have similar fan base target as Team Fortress 2, but this?!?
How much of the sale income did you get for the promotion this time?

Please anyone, don't buy this game because of some items no one cares about anyway.