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My secondary channel where my limits are none, here i upload whatever i want. Often gameplay, scrap projects or possibly some behind the scenes of my main channel.

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My live stream channel on justin. It's connected to the live tab on this website but go to this link to highlight stuff in the streams or follow my stream.


Here you find all the song remixes and parodies for free download and live streaming.


My awesome Steam group where i announce events on the MisterMild server or other fun stuff.

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On Twitter i update quite frequently about my projects and how it goes.

I do check out Reddit from time to time, if you want to keep track of my few comments and posts.


The podcast that made an interview with me and the guys who entertain me every week with their TF2 discussions.

The provider of MisterMild's Server and it's admins.

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Other Youtubers Videos i've Helped with
Here's a Youtube Playlist of other peoples youtube videos that I've helped with ether much or little. There's a comment on everyone explaining my role.

KritzKast - Ep 109 The End is Nigh
(My Fan mail featured)
The reason i got in contact with KritzKast is through the mail i sent them that got featured on this episode. They talk about their view of Garry's Mod movies and also comment on my videos etc.
Their segment Postman Pat starts at 32:13 and my mail is the first.

"Heavy's Revelation" Featured on the TF2 Blog
(Featured by the TF2 team itself)
The high point of my Youtube Gmod movie making career. To be featured by the big guys themselves were the best thing that could happen to a movie maker like me!