Monday, June 27, 2011

KritzKast Interviews MisterMild

The all so famous Team Fortress 2 podcast "KritzKast" has recently uploaded an interview with me.

One of the hosts "Agro" the pyro and i have a talk about how my channel and how my interest for TF2 & Gmod grew. Also i lay a comment about my videos Cheeseburger Apocalypse: The Movie, Diglett, Engineer Techno and my trailer remakes. I talk about how this channel as affected my personal life and will in the future. And i kinda give a hint of possible future projects ;)
Read more on the Episode Page

This was my first ever interview on English so i was a bit stuttering with the words and i just got out of a cold so i was coughing a bit. But from time to time i think i make some sense and i talk okay :)

Hope you enjoy this 38 minutes long clip of me forcing out English words to make some interesting sentences. And a big thanks to Agro and the rest of the hosts who make an awesome job with this podcast!
I'll be here if you ever need help with anything!

"KritzKast interviews MisterMild"

And when you're done and if you're not already following them i think you should give them a chance and listen to a few episodes!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

MisterMild 2 Year Anniversary - New Video

I did as i did last year, recap my year of videos.
But this time it's more like a message to all of you!

Had some major trouble rendering this and i would have liked to use the 3D feature i found in Vegas but my computer refused to render that so it'll have to do in 2D.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My thoughts and highlights of E3!

So E3 has ended with a lot of dust and diamonds in it's trail.

Sitting in my computer chair here in Sweden, monitoring Machinima, IGN and other guys who covered E3 for me.

Both fun and disappointing stuff were shown....

Here's what i think of a few random things...

Battlefield 3:
"I'm stunned!"

I can't believe the graphics of their new battlefield game! I'm stunned over how awesome it looks!
I cheer over this new technology and both my computer and wallet cry in fear of it.

I want to see the System requirements before considering buying this, not heard a bit of it.
But along with other games, this is one of the thing i strongly consider buying.

Halo 4:
"Thrilled and curious"

I'm quite a new Halo fan, considering that i got my Xbox not long ago, but i got into the story quite quick and i looked up the story line i were not there to experience myself.

Bungee is bought up and now 343 Industries is taking over, announcing this new "trilogy" continuing the story of Halo.

I was curious that the new game will miss one thing that bungee had, the love for their community. But i got told that 343 Industries is filled with old Bungee workers, so i hope they will make a great game after all.

Thrilled and curious i await more info on Halo 4.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3:
"Still looks like MW2 gameplay"

Nope, did not get pulled in by all the info or trailers.

It looks like a decent game but it still looks like MW2 gameplay with new story and weapons. And they showed the same boring gameplay style that i tired out on MW2.

But they say that you buy MW because of the multiplayer but i did not really like the multi in MW2 so much to be excited for this new game.

I will not buy full retail price for the game they have shown me so far, i may consider it if they dropped it by half.

Mass Effect 3:
"It'll drag me in as the ones before"

I could draw some parallels of this games step up like for Modern Warfare, no greater graphical or gameplay step ups.

But apart from the MW franchise i really got dragged into Mass Effect through ME2 and that was the best storytelling in a game I've ever seen. Never been so involved with a story and wanted so much more.

I actually pirated ME2 after hearing one word about it and i went "Meh, worth a try". Then about 2 hours into the game i really felt "I want a copy of this fantastic game in my bare hands", so i went and bought the extended edition, hehe.

It's this love i have for the older games that make me long for ME3, and i know it'll drag me in as the ones before!

Tomb Raider: Turning Point:
"She has turned into a human"

I'm actually surprised that i want to buy this game.

I've never liked Tomb Raider or Lara Croft. Sure i'm a normally functioned man and i find Lara attractive, but that's about it.

I actually find this new Lara Croft more attractive, not just by her new cute and realistic looks but for her realistic appearance overall. She has turned into a human and you can feel her feelings as you see her!
I must add to this that her voice actress is amazing, at least in game.

Also an awesome cinematic trailer, very classic but awesome. Exactly my style :)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
"They got dragons smashed into an already awesome game series"

I love the free world RPG of The Elder Scrolls and i liked Morowind. But i actually got tired of Morrowind before i ended it so i don't know yet what to really think i'm gonna like about it.

BUT HOLY F*CKING YES they have an awesome trailer and awesome music, that i must give them.

But what's not to like? They got Dragons smashed into an already awesome game series and considering the graphics and the oh so good reputation of the series i'm considering this a lot.
But i think this will be a game i need to try a demo or pirate it before i buy it.

The Companies:

A looooot of Kinect talk, and i'm not surprised. They must ride the wave they have created and i'm not the kind of gamer to ride that wave with them, sorry.

So as a response to different announced things...
No i don't want more Kinect features and games.
No i don't want Youtube on Xbox since i already have hooked up my computer to my TV.
No i don't like the new look of Xbox dashboard.
And sorry i don't watch movies and listen to music on Xbox so i have no use for that new tech ether.
And...Yes... voice feature is always fun for a while but NO i don't want to buy your f*cking camera to use it!

I like the tech of Kinect, it's amazing! But the games for it is shit in a plastic cartage. They might step it up a bit now after these features in different games but the hardcore gamer will choose to turn it of instead of having a delayed voice or motion feature.

Can't say too much because i actually did not watch the whole conference...why?
I have no Playstation or interest in their games.

Playstation Vita i think is not going to live that long. I don't know.

I agree with what many said, they conquered this years E3.
Though i don't have or will buy the 3DS so i ignored all of that.

The Wii U on other hand...
The first thing i thought of while saying to myself "Wii U?" was that if you say it many times after each other it sounds like a siren. Otherwise i like that they are competing with Xbox and Sony in graphic now and i also like the games that's going to come to it. But i don't think i will buy it on release, may be a future buy in.

Soooo, nothing new then? Missed you guys at E3.
Hope you're working on something more important instead of being at E3. Liiiike maybe possibly a new little game involving a little orange dressed scientist with a door breaker as a weapon? hm? Maybe containing a number three somewhere there?

Hope they will stun me some other day at least.

Wrap Up!
That's it, now I've written myself tired and i hope someone enjoyed this.
Please if you read some of this and want to agree/disagree/comment on anything i've said please leave a comment on this post.

I really must prepare my wallet for this barrage of games incoming.
I'm sure I've forgot something i wanted to mention but...meh

Good Evening all.