Monday, June 27, 2011

KritzKast Interviews MisterMild

The all so famous Team Fortress 2 podcast "KritzKast" has recently uploaded an interview with me.

One of the hosts "Agro" the pyro and i have a talk about how my channel and how my interest for TF2 & Gmod grew. Also i lay a comment about my videos Cheeseburger Apocalypse: The Movie, Diglett, Engineer Techno and my trailer remakes. I talk about how this channel as affected my personal life and will in the future. And i kinda give a hint of possible future projects ;)
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This was my first ever interview on English so i was a bit stuttering with the words and i just got out of a cold so i was coughing a bit. But from time to time i think i make some sense and i talk okay :)

Hope you enjoy this 38 minutes long clip of me forcing out English words to make some interesting sentences. And a big thanks to Agro and the rest of the hosts who make an awesome job with this podcast!
I'll be here if you ever need help with anything!

"KritzKast interviews MisterMild"

And when you're done and if you're not already following them i think you should give them a chance and listen to a few episodes!

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