Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dota 2 Beta Key Giveaway!

In a few weeks there's Dreamhack Winter 2012, and i'm so hyped. I'm also finally moving to my very own apartment!

In the good mood of this i found that i had a spare Dota 2 Beta key that is basically just laying around.
I'm not a big fan of Dota 2 but that's a better reason that i'd give this away to someone who would enjoy having it, if there's anyone in the world left that does not have it :P

How to i enter?
Well, under this post there's a link saying "comments"...
Write a little greetings and end it with your Steam username and a link to your profile.
I do not count Anonymous comments, login with something (preferably your google/youtube acc) when you write your comment.

When will this giveaway end?
I'll end it next week on Tuesday the 13th of November at 23:59 (GMT +0). Any post after that will not count.

But i already have Dota 2!
Then write a comment saying you want to give it to a friend of yours and specify his/her Steam username and link to his/her profile!
Also include if you want me to send a little message from you.

Hopefully someone will enter this, i kinda think there will only be a few.

Good luck!
And is this turns out good i might do more giveaways :)



  1. Hello, I enjoy watching your Vids and would love to be able to play Dota 2 as I've had my eye on it for a while now :)
    Steam profile link:
    Steam name: ToMorOaY

  2. hi mistermild i have ben wwatching your GMOD and sfm vids for a whie now and i think some of your old GMOD vids are stil thefunniest ive found. my steam profile names suicidal oompa loompa written just like this and heres the link to my profile.
    i would like to recieve dota 2 as i have been interested in buying it for a whie now but im on a tight budget :)
    - suicidal oompa loompa

  3. Hi, your vids are great and i have a fun time watching them.
    I love Dota 2 and i would to play it soon.
    Steam profile:
    Steam name: IronNinja [Pootis]

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  5. Hey!
    A friend of mine really likes games like Dota and LoL, I know he will appreaciate that kind of present =)
    Are you working on a video now? I miss them, kinda :(

    My steam:

  6. Hello!
    How are you? Fine? Not fine? How am I supposed to know I'm just a message from the past?! Anyway, I really like your GMod and Filmmaker videos, and I think in the funny factor they are in competition with other SFM and GMod video makers!
    Also, I would enjoy that key :D
    Steam Profile:

  7. Sorry to break it for you but DotA 2 keys are like, worthless

  8. Hey man, love your videos and all that shenanigains. And I'd really love to try out Dota 2. Here's my Steam name here: CounterLife

  9. Big subscriber of yours, man. I don't have a whole lot of time for the internet, but when I do, you're high on my list! Looking forward to seeing who wins this key so I can give them a back pat. Keep making amazing videos, bro!

    Steam name: [JFFS] Dr. Shikura

  10. Hey, huge fan of your stuff, and I wouldn't mind a Dota 2 beta key. Was thinking of trying it as I used to play the mod Dota 'And was terrible'

    White Void, out

  11. One of the best GMOD directors out there on youtube. Definetly one of the more professional ones, but your videos are just so funny!

    Steam name: monsieur pierre.

  12. Hi Mistermild! I've watched your videos for well over a year (maybe two as I swapped accounts long ago) now and I just LOVE them. ;w; Even if the videos are simple, the Diglett and Dugtrio ones have been favorites of mine for while! Quality and humor; you have both in your videos and I love it. :D

  13. hey Mistermild! love all your youtube videos! keep it going can't wait for you to upload new videos :D!! and i really need the dota 2 beta key :D.

  14. sup!

  15. Hi :D
    Name is The Turret 2

  16. Sup, Mr.Mild! What's pappin'?:D
    Remember me, hmmm??:b

    Steam name: TF2dnk / michaelqueck


  17. Hello,

    You're one of the first gmodders I subscribed to when I first discovered the TF2/Gmod universe, and so far I like most of the stuff you uploaded, keep up the good work !

    I've never played games like Dota before but after seeing several videos about it I had the urge to try it, so I thought I'd give a shot at this giveaway.

    Steam id : Billy-Bob
    Steam profile :


  18. Hi Mister Mild,

    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway, this is awesome! If the contest is still going on, the reason I'd like to put my name in the running is on behalf of my cousin, who has struggled with autism. He loves gaming, and it has always been a way to connect with him. I've given him all of my old Nintendo 64 games, but since I've moved across the country it is hard for me to still game with him.

    To do so with DOTA 2 would be a great way for us to connect up again. Thanks!

    STEAM Profile: