Saturday, June 23, 2012

Looking for words of advise...

My friends! I stand in a crossroad and i want your opinion...

I've received an invitation to join The Game Station Youtube Network (link), a network of several very famous gaming Youtube channels like HuskyStarcraft, TotalBiscuit, Criken2 etc.

The plus side being that i will become a Youtube partner and i can actually earn a few bucks to my poor wallet of doing what i love though advertising (There will be spent on movie related products and upgrades for me to make better movies etc) and overall gaining more attention to my channel thought this network.

The downside being that i'm strictly forbidden from now on to use copyright protected music and effects. Which might effect the quality of my work since a lot focuses around sound editing.

I don't know what to choose! Which way should i take my channel?
I've come to the point where i have no idea what i really want. The only thing i'm sure is that i'm looking to make a comeback on Youtube.

Help me with words of advise my friends!


  1. Be partner :)


  2. "Potato" - AniCator, as he discovered the meaning of life.

    I mean, it depends on what you want. If you can make videos without using copyrighted content then sure.

    Downside would be that all your old videos would have to be deleted right? Is there a chance that you'll make a safe haven for those?

    1. Asked The Game Station the same question.
      They said i would be able to make a "blacklist" of the videos i hold dearest and they will be left but with no income.

      And that's all ok as long as they don't get removed. Feel like some are the backbone and origin of my channel so if i need to remove them i'll choose not to join them.

  3. Partner with machima for some reason copyright hardly ever bothers them xP

    1. Have been for 1 1/2 year but never done anything. I thought it was quite a complicated progress to create and upload videos for them. But TGS offer is all on my own channel.

  4. Become a partner!

  5. I'd choose The Game Station's offer, but I'd also negotiate about the old videos. For me, they can't be deleted, because they are some memories, right? For You, for me too.
    Sorry for my English, I hope You'll come back with pride ! :)

    1. I told them as a demand and it seems i can make a blacklist of the videos i hold dearest and they will be left.
      So hopefully everything is ok with that.

  6. Well, if you need the dosh, then go ahead. I just hope the copyright thing won`t affect your videos too badly. Still, money is quite useful, and you`ve made a lot of very entertaining stuff for free, so i suppose it wouldn`t be a bad idea for you to make a few bucks for doing such good stuff. Whatever you choose, do keep up the good work~!


  7. Be a partner!
    If you win money making what you love to do, you will be more happy = you will make more videos = we will be more happy.
    PD:We will support you whatever you do.

  8. If you try to look at almost all of your videos, they almost always contain copyright music. The videos won't be the same without the music.

    How would your "Meet the Medic remake" be like, if you didn't have the music? It would be nothing.

    And remember "Cheeseburger Apocalypse"? It may be old, but it contain lots of different music, all copyright.

    Out of experience, I find it way too difficult to make something for free that has good quality, and doesn't have copyright.

    I'd say, figure out if you can make something without any copyright material, and present it for your fans. They can judge whether your videos change too much from the standarts, and then you can make your choice, whether to be a partner or an other uniqe YouTuber.

  9. Hey big fan here. do it and earn money. if everyone had the chance they would do it. dont worry about people calling you a sellout or something. theyre usually just jealous.

  10. I think if you wanna get partnered, TGS is the best choice. I personally really enjoy TGS content and all those youtubers who are in TGS seem to be happy about it.

    In regards to the music, there are lots of indie youtubers who post their music online for free and you could always go ahead and ask those guys and girls for permission to use the music in a video with revenue. In return you can always put the links to their channels or to the music in the description, if that's not against TGS rules.

    Check out:
    - for Metal and Rock music, he does lots of covers, but also creates his own stuff. TotalBiscuits theme song is from this guy.

    - for rock, old school actionish theme songs and other stuff.

    - he is pretty new to youtube and posts rockish, metalish music now and then and currently he seems to experiment with orchestra music

    - they do lots of gaming related music, some a bit more electro'ish and some more 8-bit'ish

    I don't know if any of those four I mentioned here do stuff for free, but in my opinion they make good music and you can always just ask them if they are interested in making some music or if you could use some of their music for you videos.

    There are much more youtubers out there that make good music and getting a TGS partnership is a huge opportunity.

    I'd say go for it. If something like a new SOPA, PIPA or whatever passes in the future, you'll have to change your channel anyway. Not that I would want that to happen, but you never know :)

    1. Thanks! I will look into it.
      Maybe you didn't know but KillTheQuestion is my real life friend :) I once advertised his former Garry's Mod channel "CrimsonCombine".

    2. That's funny, cause I totally forgot how I found his channel in the first place, so it was probably you xD

  11. I myself was offered monetisation of my channel by YouTube two years back. I never accepted for I wanted the creative freedom to use whatever content I wanted to apply to my projects (and I rely on that freedom to make my projects all they can be, whether they require the use of Ren & Stimpy Production music or Metroid Prime's OST).

    But you on the other hand have been offered to join a network of people (and very well known people at that), and that's something else.

    I'd say go for it, for it's a rare opportunity and I think it could lead you down a road of possibilities. On the other hand, it does limit the availability and/or complicate the allowance of use for your resources to create your more classical works.

    But that said, there are talents in music out there just waiting to be found who might help you on your ventures. SinkyJames is one artist I know, who made the soundtrack for Drakortha's "The DC Chronicles" Season 2 (currently in production), and a map theme for an Indie game, and his music's some of the greatest I've heard in years.

    Here's a couple of links to his work:

    But perhaps using an alternate channel like MysticMild to continue your old works might be a good compromise, unless there's a term or condition forbidding that.

    But in summary, no matter how much I adore your work, I have no intention to stop you from taking such a rare and potentially enjoyable opportunity.

  12. I think you shall not "sell" your videos. But it's your decision

  13. i say to decline offer, it sounds like a bad idea