Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Meet The Medic Trailer Remake - New Video

It is a Meet the Medic video for metal fans. It's not really my best work and it is by far the most disliked of my works. But i guess this movie requires a specific taste to like, a liking of metal music.

Some of you, enjoy!

Also yes of course the original is the most fitting and brings the Medic forth best, mostly because it is the original move that we refer too when we speak of the Medic. This is meant to be far from the original Medic and the original video.

Apart from the reverb outside i kinda like my own work here and i managed to put together some really nice sound effects with the low resources i had.

I actually had a talk with a friend about sound editing and all and he wanted me to send over the video without the music for him to hear. So i uploaded it on my secondary channel MysticMild to see if anyone else looked at it as my friend did. He liked what i did with some of the things (except reverb/echo outside) what do you think of only the sound editing?


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