Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Minecraft 3D

I never knew what that 3D option thing was,
until i realized it activated Minecraft with 3D glasses!

I ran to my storage and dug out a pair of paper 3D glasses...

I activated 3D and ... i came because of the awesomeness!!! O.o

Also with the new shader to Minecraft it looks awesome!
(New shader not included in the picture, it's just something from google)

If you haven't tried it, DO IT FAGGOT!

Though i had a "mild" headache after the 3 hour game session but it was worth it.


  1. Well, that a REALLY old feature. It's as old as /indev/ as much as i know. It's also very buggy, and Notch never got to fix all the problems in it.

  2. Well. I never bothered that option until now.
    And the only bubs i can see is that the clouds clips through things and that you can't look at something very close.

  3. It's lighting, not shading.