Thursday, November 25, 2010

Poker Night at the Inventory Review

Poker Night at the Inventory is a pretty entertaining game. 
I personally knew the basics of Texas Hold'em and could just go right in and start dealing.

Overexcited about Heavy Weapons Guy (Obviously) i sit down, the first line i hear from Heavy is ..."In" and i start laughing :)

Although that gaming night i smiled and laughed at all the conversation going on all night. I'm exited over hearing Heavy's background stories and i'm also glad to get to know these two guys i did not know before, Strong Bad and Tycho. Even though Strong Bad is sometimes quite annoying -.-

I love the combination of different characters gathered in one place, just as i loved the same thing in Team Fortress 2. It came to me that this is what's making this game. The characters, the fantastic conversations, and the way we all play together makes this game fun and entertaining. Poker is a nice relaxed touched and i like it.

I think this is the cheapest fun I've had in a game (not counting free games and*mhmh*downloaded games)

After a few rounds, the Heavy buys in with the Iron Curtain...
I realize that..."Oh, i forgot you could win stuff to TF2" and it was good that i realized that because before the release of this game i really only saw it as another "Buy TF2 items and get a free game" and a game that used Heavy to get any profit at all. But i think Heavy was used well, over my expectations, and together with Max, Strong Bad and Tycho they make a great game with style.

If we look into gameplay i really could wish for some additions...
like in "face up" moments where you hear a drum roll and see close up expressions of the characters. I'm so focused on really looking what my opponent has a chance of getting that the excitement get ruined and i have no idea how it goes before the Game Master tells it. It gets me confused and i would have wanted just a small text explaining what the character have at the moment and who's currently the strongest.

Also i'm only a beginner to this game but there is something when the pot gets split between the two (or more) left. But the master takes it as my opponent won, but we got the same amount back. I would have needed an explanation to that.

Otherwise just minor problems...
I realized that the texture of Tychos nose gets very weird with the lowest graphics.

All summed up, if i would give this game a rate i would give it
It's a great game and with that low price it's even better.


  1. I'm really enjoying this game too. All the conversations seem so interesting. Although I do really suck at Texas Hold'em. Need to understand the game a bit more.

  2. I think this review is proof that you gotta know and love the Homestar Runner series to find Strong Bad's commentary amusing.

  3. When this game just released i thaught, ''Ohh my god now everyone that plays tf2 is gonna buy this game, get the new stuff, and then sell them on the market for expensive prices. I had so bad thought about this game i didnt even think about how the game was to play, i mean except for earning stuff to tf2. after this review i at least gets a better look of how the game is, thanks mister mild for this review :)

  4. Your review is my thoughts(on the game) in a nutshell.
    I just wish I was good at the game.