Monday, August 30, 2010

L4D and L4D2 DLC - The Sacrifice

Gametrailers TV shows an interview with Chet at Valve and talks about a new Left 4 Dead "ONE and TWO" DLC called The Sacrifice....

The movie itself gives more details...

I'm kinda thrilled trying this out but...
October huh?

Let's calculate Valve time...
Calculate Valve Time

I place my money on November...since it's Valve we're talking about.
We'll see if my calculations are correct hm?


  1. nice to know that thei are making something to l4d1 too. That too bad thats the last thing in that:(((

  2. Yeah.
    I guess they after this have ran out of story since everything will be covered from point A to B now.
    Maybe they will add more before A or after B?

  3. Wow, I'm thrilled! And as I own a mac, I'm glad to hear about the mac update as well!

  4. Mmm. It's only feels only like yesterday that Bill got me into all of Valve's products. You can imagine I felt a bit betrayed at the fact that one of my all time favorite video game characters were killed off.

    But thanks for the info Mild. Always a pleasure to be filled in.

  5. I saw heavy weopons guy in the comic!