Saturday, April 13, 2013

Let me take some time and explain everything...

I'm sorry everyone. I've not really taken the time to explain my current life state and explain my inactivity on YouTube, Steam, TF2, Facebook, twitter etc.

I've since a while started working on a TV-Company as well as filming and making videos for companies on the side. This makes my life a bit more buzy then before. Also I work with computers and editing so I don't have that rush to get home and making more videos.

I also had a few big technical problems over this time. I have not been able to play TF2 for a long time and I tired out on it, editing program's crash and don't run well anymore, SFM always crash and therefore I tired out it it too.

I constantly ask myself the question where's my channel going next? When and how shall I come back? Because I really miss that community we had.

And as a few of you might have noticed I'm now a YouTube partner thanks to Maker Studios. This gave me some income to use on my channel, for example I've bought a console recording device!

I am in constant planning on a comeback, with the vision of a more open channel where I do various gaming related stuff.
Let's plays, gameshows, sketches, whatever!
In a future I want to start trying different series to see if it works, becomes any interesting and so on.

And I can say that work and such has brought me som good at least, because now my new computer is on the way. An editing computer with VFX capabilities :) and much like I started my YouTube channel to show how I'm learning editing. This might be the same with After Effects and stuff.

All I can say is that stick with me my friends. I will return!
Maybe not with all out TF2 sketches like you're used too but I'm going to need your support in my experiments :)

I hope to one day bring out the MisterMild channel out of the ashes and into the light again. Reborn with new passion for what I love to do.

Yours truly MisterMild,
Johan Mild!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dota 2 Beta Key Giveaway!

In a few weeks there's Dreamhack Winter 2012, and i'm so hyped. I'm also finally moving to my very own apartment!

In the good mood of this i found that i had a spare Dota 2 Beta key that is basically just laying around.
I'm not a big fan of Dota 2 but that's a better reason that i'd give this away to someone who would enjoy having it, if there's anyone in the world left that does not have it :P

How to i enter?
Well, under this post there's a link saying "comments"...
Write a little greetings and end it with your Steam username and a link to your profile.
I do not count Anonymous comments, login with something (preferably your google/youtube acc) when you write your comment.

When will this giveaway end?
I'll end it next week on Tuesday the 13th of November at 23:59 (GMT +0). Any post after that will not count.

But i already have Dota 2!
Then write a comment saying you want to give it to a friend of yours and specify his/her Steam username and link to his/her profile!
Also include if you want me to send a little message from you.

Hopefully someone will enter this, i kinda think there will only be a few.

Good luck!
And is this turns out good i might do more giveaways :)


Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Video - Jump of Faith (SFM)

Had some free time to make a little sketch in Source Filmmaker.
Hope you like it :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

FINALLY i updated my avatar!

Since i started my channel for 3 years ago i've ad the same logo. Now with the release of Source Filmmaker and a possible new step for my channel i decided to update my logo. Unfortunately i could not make that same smile in SFM without making Heavy look like a maniac so i made him a cool smile instead :)

What i was on it i also finally made a specific logo for my Steam Group :)

The mark of a possible new era not only for me but for the whole Valve game movie making community!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Thanks for the game mate!

This game looks awesome! Can't wait to play it, and let's play some co-op mate! :)

Thanks ARMaster!